Project Engineer Nabil

After completing two internships, Nabil de Lanoy joined Wilting: that’s how it happened! We spoke to this enthusiastic Project Engineer about his career at Wilting.

The 27-year-old Nabil spent some of his teenage years in Curaçao but is mostly a local guy; he was born in Veldhoven, raised in Eindhoven, and still resides there. His inclination towards working in the technical field was evident early on. His father enjoyed tinkering with cars and encouraged Nabil to fix his own bike whenever it broke down. It became clear that Nabil easily grasped technical work, leading to a swift decision to pursue a technical follow-up education.

During his third-year internship for mechanical engineering at the Summa College, Nabil encountered Wilting. The internship proved to be a success for both parties, prompting him to return a year later for his graduation project. During this period, Nabil was responsible for his own project, creating a prototype high-voltage testing setup for ACP. Unlike many graduation projects that end up collecting dust, Nabil’s project is still actively used in our Wintelre factory over 2 years later!

Initially, after completing his MBO education, Nabil started his HBO education. However, it turned out not to be the right choice at the right time. So, when he ran into a former colleague from Wilting during a soccer match, a quick connection was made to return. Why Wilting? “I really like the informal atmosphere,” says Nabil. “Everyone works hard, but no matter how busy everyone is, there’s always time to help each other when needed. Moreover, there’s plenty of room for personal development. It’s possible to pursue further education, and I definitely plan to do so in the future.”

Of course, we asked Nabil why Wilting is a good choice for starting your career: “It’s a young company with a lot of potential and opportunities for growth. There’s a lot you can do, the way of working is very pleasant, and above all, it’s fun. But the best part is that at Wilting, you experience a project from A to Z. You see the end result of your projects yourself. The tangible outcome of your work is incredibly rewarding!”

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